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tel: 07799 063 115

"Doing big and scary stuff is really tough on your own -

it's much easier with help and support"

Welcome to my world

I coach physical capacity, competition readiness and emotional resilience for children, young people and adults across sport, business, education and everyday life. I provide inspiration and support for time-effective training to those just starting out and those at the top of their game and I specialize in ultramarathon running & triathlon.

Inspirational speaking, training and coaching for workplace effectiveness, leadership & teambuilding. My powerful presentations and workshops will inspire and support you to achieve and repeat BIG GOALS and massive targets. My simple process is proven to stay with you and deliver results.

I’m a published author and I write regularly for www.runultra.co.uk

I race, I have my own demons to wrestle, and I write about that too.