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My Coaching: How Does It Work?

Download the case study detailing what happened between Andy and his coaching client Peter who was preparing to take part in the Yukon Arctic Ultra in 2013


Peter’s Perspective

Andy’s coaching was so valuable, faultless actually and gave me much more than I expected  – for example the postural work in the gym and the Scenario Planning exercise. I got to actually look forward to my overnight camps!  I went into the race with confidence – mental, physical and with my planning – and my confidence grew and grew as the race went on. It’s a thinking mans’ race and he helped direct my thinking to where it mattered. The result?  I really enjoyed it!



John, self employed business consultant


Suffering Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Afraid to exercise. Drifting. Little energy for self, relationships and business. No fun anymore. Lost sense of personal identity.



Broke the inactivity cycle

Improved aerobic fitness, strength, posture, flexibility

Completed a week walking on SW Coast Path

Regained sense of purpose and perspective

High performance habits are now part of everyday life


Adam, World Class Swimmer


‘I was as low as I have ever been, very close to giving up swimming. In bad shape mentally and physically… turning up to training was hard work – didn’t want to be there.’



‘With Andy the glass is always half full. I am more confident in and out of the water. I am stronger. My sprint events have improved. I am more goal-orientated and understand why we are doing it.'

Adam went on to become Commonwealth 100m breaststroke champion 2002



Stephanie, wife and mum


Diagnosed with an arthritic hip 2 years prior and told only option was replacement

Suffering from severe pain and lack of motivation and becoming increasingly inactive

Depressed about weight gain and using the hip problem as an excuse



‘One of the most significant changes for me is that some months later I am still very much on board despite several personal setbacks. I now swim 3-4 times a week, visit the gym, the dog has extended walks and I bop around the house. Andy has given me immense confidence. He has given me the motivation to change the way I view physical activity and on the bad weeks he has been the inspiration for me to keep trying. I am now doing so much more and generally experiencing far less pain – in fact I now seem to suffer more from inactivity!’


Bridget, wife, mum and senior executive


‘I was feeling far too middle aged and unfit for the ‘mature’ mother of an energetic 2 year old. I was having difficulty balancing my life between my commitments to work, family and myself.’



‘I am now much fitter one year on tackling exercise in a way I haven’t felt able to do since my 20’s. I look better and have gone down to my preferred dress size. I have found a better balance in my life that helps me meet my commitments and not get stressed. Andy has been highly fundamental in helping me achieving this change.’

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