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The Pilot Project 2013-14

In January 2013 Andy took part in Britain’s most brutal ultramarathon The Spine Race: 268 winter miles on foot south to north on The Pennine Way. Andy got as far as 105 miles.

He went back in 2014 but this time he had set a special challenge to schools along the route:

  • Run 268 cumulative miles over 3 months finishing on Sport Relief Day in March

  • Raise money for Sport Relief

  • Record their experiences in a diary


In return Andy taught pupils how to think and behave like an endurance athlete so that they could:

  • Raise their aspirations and achieve big and scary goals

  • Persevere and learn through setbacks and success

  • Work together with pride for a common worthwhile cause


During race week pupils were able to follow Andy’s progress in real time on-line and take part in The Spine Race-themed lessons that Andy had designed.


Once again Andy did not finish the race this time stopping at 160 miles and bringing to life a key lesson to the pupils:

Meaningful success is not easy…



Andy will be back at The Spine Race and this program will run again from September 2014.


Corporate and Social Responsibilty: New option links School and Business

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Headlines From The 2013-14 Pilot Project


Miles run: 4652

Money raised: £7,200

1600 pupils  / 13 schools


Inspiring, engaging, motivating

Captures pupils’ imagination and makes it real

A common language, process and shared experience that means we get along better and the pupils learn faster

Jackie Scarf, Year 6 & PE teacher, Riverside Junior School, Calderdale


Andy is an inspirational role model who makes it fun and brings it to life

It’s value-driven program across the whole school – parents and teachers as well

Inclusivity: Pupils own the target and could all contribute at their own level

Pupils are more active which means they concentrate better and learn faster

Sue Marshall, Headteacher, Cowling primary school, Keighley


It made us think differently about key subjects and change to a ‘life-skill’ approach

Pupils were highly engaged by real-life learning that continued at home and culminated in fundraising for a high profile national cause

Teachers had something new, relevant and inspiring to work with over the winter months

Jo Hughes-Hutchins, Deputy Head Caton Primary School




Successful Learners

  • Raise aspirations and set goals to achieve them

  • Persevere through setbacks

  • Learn by structured reflection

  • Link physical activity with appetite for and rate of learning

  • Achieve more/faster/easier by working with others


Confident Individuals

  • Live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

  • Take risks and make positive choices

  • Develop emotional intelligence and empathy with others


Responsible Citizens

  • Curious and comfortable in the wider world

  • A sense of justice and defend positive values

  • Embrace differences and work effectively with others



  • A shared experience for enhanced pupil-teacher relationships

  • New teaching tools and CPD

  • A life-skills whole-school program fronted by a credible role model

  • More settled and motivated pupils with a greater appetite for activity and learning



  • Common cause (with fundraising) better links with the cluster, community and parents

  • Consistent with objectives of National Curriculum, International Baccalaureate & Ofsted

  • Positive PR with a program that has impact beyond the classroom

  • Creative curriculum and project-based learning

  • Inclusive and sustainable program also with ‘Transition’ applications

  • Can be tailored for KS 1-5 with emphasis on literacy, numeracy, STEM, enterprise, PSHE, Transitions, SEN, health and physical activity

  • Improved pupil attendance, retention and school roll


Big Lottery Awards For All scheme has awarded the first grant to one of the pilot schools for an enhanced program across the school from September 2014. Other funding sources:

  • Pupil Premium

  • DofE primary school sport PE fund

  • Education Endowment Foundation

  • Comic Relief

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