What You Get 

  • Andy: Inspirational and credible role model with a proven track record of creating performance breakthroughs for clients in sport, education and business since 2000

  • Interventions: Inspirational speaking, coaching, training, mentoring, workshops, personal training, auditing

  • Access to Andy’s network of suppliers and partners

  • Innovation and solutions that are right for you and your people

  • Bespoke challenge event and program design

  • Measurable impact and benchmark tests

  • Sustainability: Andy will design-in his own redundancy from the start



How It Works



Andy will deliver a range of interventions designed to boost a Can Do-Will-Do-Am Doing mindset. These can be workshops for your entire team to very short sessions as part of meetings to regular messages via company intranet.



Andy will design a physical team challenge for you or help you make the most of an event you have chosen and ensure that the level of challenge is right for everyone involved.

He will design the training program and the post-event reflection to help you harness the experience for the benefit of the people and the business.

Andy will also provide individual programs and personal training for health and sport performance and coordinate with any other wellbeing professionals you may be using.




Andy will help you design a workplace that is conducive to personal and collective high performance.

He will help your people make the most of the locality by e.g. mapping local shower facilities, gyms, running routes, sports clubs, cycle hire, walking trails, childcare, and healthy eating stores.

He will coach and train your people to make the most from their commute and business travel so they arrive refreshed and ready.


Mindset & Skills

Andy will coach and train your people to think and act like an endurance athlete for the benefit of themselves, each other and the business.

He will introduce them to his proven goal-setting template, goal-achieving process, and goal-repeating formula so that they can step up, persevere through setbacks, and do it all over again.

He will coach your leaders to be authentic, have balance in their personal and professional lives, and to be a consistent role model for the values of your business.


Give Back

Andy will design a Corporate and Social Responsibility program for you or help you get the most from one you have chosen.

He will support your people as they give their time and share their experiences for the benefit of others (and themselves) in addition to raising money for that cause.

He will help you maximize the benefits and lessons and then design these back into the normal operating procedures of your business.  



Andy will help you build a local support network of leaders in business who swim, cycle, run or triathlon and who also believe the workplace would be happier, healthier and more productive if more people adopted key skills, habits and mindset of an endurance athlete.



Contact Andy to discuss your needs.

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Inspiration & Support

For achieving and repeating BIG GOALS and MASSIVE TARGETS in sport, education and in business

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