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Magic, Madness & Ultramarathon Running

Andy Mouncey with foreword by Jez Bragg


This book reconciles the madness of the ultra distance with the magic of the moment to give an insight into why more and more people are running trail ultramarathons for fun.

Mixing the intensely personal with the clinically professional, Andy Mouncey tells his story using three different and sometimes completely contrasting perspectives: As a fierce competitor, as an experienced coach, and as self-employed husband and father.

The brutal honesty, penetrating insight and tension-busting humour will suck you in and keep you engrossed even beyond the finish line.

This is a transformational personal journey that was revealed only when Andy paused to look back - and it’s also an utterly compelling tale of some long races in great places where he ran as fast as he could for as long as he could.


ISBN 978-1-908691-26-2  Trim Size 229 x 152mm (6” x 9”) 178 pages, also available as an ebook.


London to Paris The Hard Way

Andy Mouncey


In September 2003 Andy Mouncey became only the second person ever to complete one of the world’s blue-ribbon endurance events. The Enduroman Arch to Arc Challenge is a continuous solo triathlon linking London and Paris over a distance of nearly 300 miles.

The prospect of swimming the 22 miles of The English Channel scared the life out of me at first,’ said Andy, 38. ‘And to have to do this after running 87 miles from London to Dover, then knowing there are still 180 miles of cycling to do from Calais to Paris..! I just wanted to try to tell people what that really felt like for me and those closest to me.’


The book is a truly vivid account and includes photos and diary extracts which chart the 5 months Andy took to prepare for and complete the Challenge – where he set new fastest times for each of the stages as well. It is much more than simply a story of running, swimming and cycling: it graphically charts the highs and the lows of preparing to do something really big and really scary  - while running a business and maintaining a marriage!


ISBN 0-9546531-5-7 Trim size 150mm x 230mm (6" x 9") 208 pages,  also available as an ebook.



So you want to run an Ultra: How to prepare for ultimate endurance

Andy Mouncey


So you want to run an Ultramarathon. It all looks a very long way, doesn't it? It can't be good for you, it can't be fun and surely you have to be some kind of super-athlete to be able to run that far? This book shows that it is a very long way, that it can be good for you, and that you most certainly don't have to be super-human to finish one. It also goes further by inspiring you to get started and by guiding you each step of the way. So, whether you're just curious to know more about this fast-growing global sport or searching for the right answers to your own ultra-running breakthrough, this book will prove as valuable as your favourite running shoes. Includes advice on making the transition from marathon or triathlon; strategies for winning the mental battle; keeping your feet intact; maintaining the right fuel intake; how to build strength and endurance and, finally, how to deal with running in the dark. Andy Mouncey writes from the heart, combining great insight and knowledge with a knack for making the complicated seem simple. Throw in a healthy dose of dry humour and case-study contributions from real people at various stages of their ultra-running journey and you have a book that redefines the 'How To' style of sports training guide. Illustrated with 93 colour photographs.


ISBN 978-1847978301  Trim Size 165 x 11 x 235  mm 128 colour pages, also available as an ebook.

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