Coaching, training, consulting and pain relief

Achieve and repeat BIG GOALS and MASSIVE TARGETS in sport, education and in business

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Massage / Treatment

£55.00 / 60 minutes

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"I now feel that I achieve something each session and can see positive improvements in all aspects of my life... even if I don't get my goals I'll have fun and be fitter trying to get there."

Jane - full time working mum and multi-sport athlete

Physical Activity

  • Getting started

  • Staying motivated

  • Making it seem easy


Training For Sport

  • Competition or match readiness

  • Training plan effectiveness review

  • Training to be faster-stronger-lighter

  • Cross training alternatives

  • Fueling for performance

  • Managing mood and enhancing motivation

  • Controlling competition nerves

  • Sport-specific conditioning

  • Program and training plan design


  • Prevention

  • Easing aches and pains

  • Rehabilitation


  • Work-life/study-sport balance

  • Eating for health and weight management

  • Managing talented teens

Workplace Effectiveness

  • Fit for your work

  • Personal productivity at work

  • The leader the role model

  • Fit for The Forces/police/fire service

  • Workplace health consultancy

  • Corporate charity challenge design and preparation


Services and Fees

  • Coaching for mental toughness, competition readiness and personal resilience.

  • Time-effective training for sport, health & staying physically active.

  • Speaking, training and coaching for workplace effectiveness, leadership & teambuilding

  • Coaching to step out of the comfort zone, lifestyle balance & weight management

  • Massage and coaching for pain relief, injury prevention and rehabilitation

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Personal Training for sport or physical activity

Starting Out Package

Consultation, homework review, program design, 4 hours 1:1, phone and email support as needed £250.00

Single session  £55.00 /  60 minutes


SwimFix 6 session package £40

1:1 Swimming for stroke improvement/intro to triathlon/open water  POA

Personal Coaching to step out of your comfort zone/ enhance personal effectiveness

90 minutes 1:1 with pre-coaching homework £150.00

Training Plan For Sport or Physical Activity

Andy will not write your training plan. He will work with you to create one that is right for you, your priorities and your goals.

90 minutes 1:1 with pre-coaching homework £150.00

Group sessions –like our facebook/FitnessFix page for details


Payment Plans available please ask