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This is a triathlon-based learning programme designed by record-setting triathlete and British Triathlon Federation Coach Andy Mouncey to help primary school pupils make a smooth transition to secondary school.


Key Learning Skills

Goal-setting template

Goal-achieving process in six steps

Goal-repeating formula for structured reflection


Making a smooth change, (called transition) between the swim-cycle-run parts of a triathlon is a key skill for any triathlete.

Transitions Through Triathlon uses the mindset of an elite athlete as the model for good practice and introduces the pupils to the fun, power and skill of a goal-orientated approach to their next big step.


Key Principles: What Would A Triathlete Do?

1. Start From The End


Transitions uses target setting and goal-orientated progressive practice to build skills and confidence followed by structured reflection to maintain that cycle of learning

2. Know The Course


Transitions takes place in the new school with the new key people as part of the programme

3. Find A Coach


Transitions uses older pupil mentors and staff role model advocates

Program Benefits


  • Successful and resilient learners who can persevere through setbacks

  • Confident and healthy individuals who can settle quickly in a new environment

  • More motivated to learn with a faster rate of attainment


  • Quickly on curriculum tasks at the start of the new school year

  • CPD with new teaching tools for enhanced pupil engagement

  • Shared experience for better relationships with pupils and parents


  • Improved links with cluster, parents and community

  • STEM, literacy, enterprise and healthy lifestyle emphasis available

  • Unique, measurable, project-based learning to add value to the curriculum

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