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"You gave me such an individual, tailored approach towards my own training plan - I am really enjoying this fresh approach"




All the bells and whistles: Everything you need when you need it from Andy’s full range of services.

3 months: £690.00 or £115.00 x 6

6 months: £1475.00 or £123.00 x 12

12 months £2450.00 or £136.00 x 18

Personal Retainer

This is for you if you have a good idea of what you need to do and you need Andy’s help to make it e.g time-effective, progressive, really relevant and right for you  - oh and fun. This is a collaborative process and you get homework: Andy will not write it for you.

£275.00 as 2 x 45minute calls or 1.5 hours in person with a complimentary follow-up call at +6weeks.

Training Plan Framework

Andy can usually help you make a breakthrough in one session and rarely needs more than three.

1 x 45 minutes £95.00

3 x 45 minutes £260.00


Coaching Calls by phone or online

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Stay With Andy and get the most from your time at Andy’s home near Lancaster in the Yorkshire Dales, UK. Intensive 1:1 on all aspects of your preparation. Your choice of content otherwise Andy will design your itinerary to fit your goals.

Price on Application

In-Person Intensive

Andy is typically asked for race-specific coaching and training 3, 6, or 12 months out from the target race. Popular requests are for multi-day stage races (especially Marathon des Sables) and long single stage ultramarathons that are a significant step up for the client.

Contact Andy if you don’t see what you need from the list above

Payment Plans available

Bespoke Packages

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